August Bullet Journal Cover Page
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August 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up

Hello August!

August is here and it’s time for my August 2018 Bullet Journal Set up.  I have thought about changing professions to be a weatherman.  At this time of year, it would be the best job around. “Today it’s 95 degrees and sunny! In fact all week it’s the same.” I’ll take it.

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August Bullet Journal Set Up

Since the 95-degree temps remind me of Arizona I wanted to use cacti and succulents as my theme for this month. My hubby and I were blessed to live in AZ for 2 years and I loved every minute of it.  All the plants and shrubs in our yard had a spike on it. I have to admit it was difficult to decorate the Christmas Tree in short sleeves. Something inside me said, “This is just wrong”.

As I started my search there was plenty of inspiration to be found on google images. Again no need to re-create the wheel right? I searched for the image. Then printed it on paper and laid it under the page in my bullet journal and traced each image.

This circle image is perfect for my “Hello August” page


After tracing each image in pencil I used my “S” Faber-Castell PITT artist pen in black. Oh, how the kid in me comes out when I get to color!  I LOVE to color!  So do a million other people or coloring books wouldn’t be so popular. I used my Tombow Dual Brush Pens Bright Pallete mostly because they don’t ghost or bleed through to the other side. Can you tell which marker was not a Tombow? I used another green marker I had on hand and it showed through.

Very little ghosting on the Tombow markers. The Close to My Heart marker I had bled through.

A Welcome Page

So for starters here’s my welcome page and what I’m grateful for. Making a list of what I’m grateful for helps me to live in the present. Studies show that gratitude helps me physically, socially and psychologically. It just makes you feel good in so many ways. Don’t you want that for yourself?  It helps to renew your mind friends!

August Bullet Journal Set Up
When I look at this with all those bright colors I get happy!

Weekly Layouts

Would you be a little more excited each week when your bullet journal layout looks like this? I know I can’t wait to turn the page. My favorite quote is on the first week.  “Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may have been given a cactus but you don’t have to sit on it.” – Joyce Meyer. So true!

August Bullet Journal Set Up
Who wants to sit on a cactus anyway!


August Bullet Journal Set Up
The green washi tape really adds to this layout.


August Bullet Journal Layout
Stay Sharp my friends! Stay Sharp!


August Bullet Journal Set Up
The stripped washi tape is really cool!

Here’s a quick flip through of my July pages. I think I have found the weekly layouts that work for me.

What does your weekly calendar look like?

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