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Bullet Journal 101 – Planning and Supplies

Bullet Journal 101 – Planning and Supplies

Congratulations, you’ve made it to week 2 of the Bullet Journal 101 Series! This week we are on to Bullet Journal 101 – Planning and Supplies. Some of you may be asking “Do you really need to plan when starting a bullet journal?” and the answer is YES!

The beauty of the bullet journal system is that it’s as flexible as you are. A little planning will help you determine your needs and what to include. Whether you’re starting a new bullet journal or moving into your next one planning makes all the difference.


Take Notice

First, I took notice. I noticed at work I use a notebook to keep everything in one place. Meeting notes, to-do lists, phone calls to make, staff meeting notes and event planning were all in one notebook. In spite of having all that in one place, I was constantly searching for the correct page of information.

Second, I noticed that I really enjoy having a month at a glance calendar that I can touch and feel, not a computer calendar. I do use a google calendar for work but not personal stuff. Plus, I tend to make plans in advance and I need a place to record those dates.


Month at a Glance November 2018


Third, I wanted to have one spot for everything. Not, a notebook for work and one for home. Ya know all the scrap pieces of paper with reminders of things to do at home? I didn’t want those laying around either. I want every piece of my life accessible in one spot. Sometimes it’s good to know what you don’t want.


A pile of random notes on a variety of paper


Finally, journaling is not something I do all the time (which is funny that I’m blogging, right?). As I scan the bookshelves I have five journals with 4-5 pages filled out and then nothing. One was for a Bible book study I began in 2012, another included letters to God, another had our plans to go RVing. You get my point. It would be so helpful to have all of it together.


Five Journals on book shelf

Planning Questions

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Here are some questions you want to ask yourself when you begin this process.

What will using the bullet journal look like for me?

  • I will use it to help plan my day, week, month and future.
  • Check it in the morning and evening to record and cross of items to bookend my day.
  • Bulky and big will not work if I want to carry it with me.
  • I plan to carry it with me so I can write down lists, plans, and ideas on the fly.

What do I need to keep track of regularly?

  • Projects/Event planning
  • Habits
  • Appointments/Birthdays
  • Travel plans
  • Goals

What intentional pieces of my life do I want to grow and stretch?

  • Mindset
  • Spiritual growth
  • Personal development
  • Overall health

What style of notebook will work for me?

When you answer the above questions you will have a great idea of what is important to you and what intentional pieces you need to keep track of.



I touched on a few of my favorite supplies in the first post of this series, Bullet Journal 101 – The Basics.  To start all you need is a pen and a notebook. Try it, see if you like it and then buy some of the supplies created with the bullet journaler in mind.

When you are ready to purchase your first bullet journal notebook here are some things to consider.

  • How much can you spend on a notebook?
  • Size of the notebook
  • Style & Color of paper – dotted, plain, lined, white or cream
  • Does it have an index?
  • How many pages are there and are the pages numbered?
  • Does it have a ribbon bookmark? How many?
  • How does it stay closed?
  • What are the color options?


There are so many pens to choose from and ultimately it boils down to personal preference. Consider this list when choosing a pen.

  • Do you prefer black or color?
  • Fine tip or a variety of tip sizes
  • Erasable pens? (Yes they do exist & I’ve used them and they work well.)
  • How much do you want to spend?


The best part of bullet journaling is it’s all about you! Is there ever another time in life when it’s all about you? It’s your preference, your lists, your goals, your bullet journal so take advantage of it and make it work for you!

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