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  • Bullet Journal 101 - Being Creative
    Bullet Journal

    Bullet Journal 101 – Being Creative

    It’s week four of this series and this is probably my favorite of all the Bullet Journal 101 series. Welcome to Bullet journal 101- Being Creative. If you take a look on any Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages and you’ll…

  • Bullet Journal 101 - Planning & Supplies cover
    Bullet Journal

    Bullet Journal 101 – Planning and Supplies

    Bullet Journal 101 – Planning and Supplies Congratulations, you’ve made it to week 2 of the Bullet Journal 101 Series! This week we are on to Bullet Journal 101 – Planning and Supplies. Some of you may be asking “Do…

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    Bullet Journal 101 – The Basics

    Bullet Journal 101 – The Basics Bullet Journaling came on the scene a few years ago and took off. I personally love this system and it has dramatically changed how I live and plan. In fact, I call myself a…

  • july bullet journal cover
    Bullet Journal

    July Bullet Journal Theme

    I’m feeling nostalgic. Summer is officially here. The days are filled with kids at the park, boats on the lake, people hiking the trails that surround us and the melody of the ice cream truck. You can hear it in…

  • Bullet Journal

    June Bullet Journal Set Up

    Hey June, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better. Oh, wait it’s Hey Jude, not Hey June. Well, you get the idea. It’s almost June and for my June bullet journal set up I reconnected…

  • May bullet journal cover page image with flower pots
    Bullet Journal

    May Bullet Journal Set Up

    Spring is my favorite time of year by far. I love that new life is springing up all around. Daffodils are popping, trees are budding, babies are being born, birds are singing, and the grass is green. What’s not to…

  • april bullet journal advertisement
    Bullet Journal

    April Bullet Journal Set Up

    April showers bring May flowers and of course, a new April Bullet Journal set up. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus since Easter falls on April 20th this year. When you’re a…

  • march bullet journal cover page
    Bullet Journal

    March Bullet Journal Set Up

    Hands down I think this month’s theme for my March bullet journal set up is my absolute favorite. I chose a travel theme for March because my girlfriend and I are traveling to Europe. It was a blast to create…

  • February Bullet Journal cover page
    Bullet Journal

    February Bullet Journal Set Up

    I love February! Not only because I get to set up a new month in my bullet journal but it’s staying lighter a bit later each day and you know what that means. Spring is just around the corner, well maybe.…