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February Bullet Journal Set Up

I love February! Not only because I get to set up a new month in my bullet journal but it’s staying lighter a bit later each day and you know what that means. Spring is just around the corner, well maybe. It’s also a time to celebrate love. I am celebrating love in my February Bullet Journal Set up.


February Bullet Journal Welcome Page



A week ago I was brainstorming what the theme for February should be and I came across an hourglass with hearts on Pinterest. My first mistake was not pinning the image. When I looked for it again I couldn’t find it. Word to the wise always pin the image! After searching and searching I went to google and searched for a black and white outline of an hourglass. So I shrunk the image and traced it into my bullet journal. P.S. Wouldn’t you know I found the original image again when I had completed my layout. If you want a peek at the image check out my Pinterest page. I think I’ll use it when I do some bible journaling so stay tuned.


stamped hearts in an hourglass
Here are my practice sheets so I could test ink colors and how my hearts looked in the hourglass.


My goal this month is to make the most of my time. We all have 24 hours in a day and I’m going to make it count. The words in my hourglass represent the character qualities I want to model.

Once again I looked into my rubber stamp cabinet and found letters for the title and some cute hearts. I find it so comforting to use supplies that I have when I can. Do you have a craft closet full of rubber stamps, stickers, washi, and ink pads you can use?


Alphabet Rubber Stamps and ink pads


I’m a month at a glance girl. I print out a calendar page and glue it into the back of my bullet journal so I can refer to it when needed. Plus I’m a little lazy so it saves me time not having to draw the month each time.


February Month at a Glance Calendar
I LOVE seeing the whole month at one time.


In order to keep track of my pens and washi tape, I made a cheat sheet. It was a big help this month when I wanted to see what colors to use.

Pretty in Pink!



In January I added a Top 3 section on my weekly spread for each day. However, I forgot to add it to the top of the column so I added it to the bottom. I guess the cool thing about bullet journaling is you can re-adjust and make it work. Did I tell you I forgot to add my January Welcome page and I’m grateful for page before my weekly’s? Never fear you can add it to the end and no one will ever know unless you share it on your blog. Hee Hee, it will be our secret. Another lesson is when you use rubber stamps don’t stamp where you want to write. When filling in my habit tracker I had a hard time seeing the dots to make my design.


January weekly bullet journal spread
See what I mean?


Lesson number two I implemented this month was to use post-its to mark the pages before I jumped in with ink to paper. That helped a ton! February is looking good so far.


Post-it Notes to help with Bullet Journal Layout
I think I’ll do this every month!



February bullet journal weekly spread
Week 1


February bullet journal weekly spread
I had to put two cute hearts on Valentines Day!


February bullet journal weekly spread
Throw love around like confetti!


February bullet journal weekly spread

What theme did you pick for your February Bullet Journal Set Up? Let me know in the comments below.

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