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52 Things I Love You About You!


Tomorrow is a special day. It’s my husbands birthday. Therefore it’s worth celebrating because it’s the day he was born.  A few years ago he hit the half-century milestone. I needed something special to celebrate him so a homemade gift was what I looked for. The typical black “over the hill” decor was not a good idea as he was already a little apprehensive about hitting the BIG 50. I wanted something that was meaningful and that made him feel special.


Turning 50
Happy 50th Birthday Babe!



Pinterest was my first stop. I searched for 50 reasons why I love you and walla! I found it. A deck of cards made into a perfect DIY homemade gift. Of course, I had to make 52 reasons because there are 52 cards in a deck. There are so many varieties. Check out my Pinterest page here for more ideas.

How many decks of playing cards do you have laying around the house? I had 5 decks. One in the junk drawer, the second laying on the bookshelf, the third in my desk drawer downstairs, another with my travel accessories and the last one my hubby’s desk. If they are not in every room of your house check a thrift store, the dollar store or your local Walmart.



  1. A deck of playing cards
  2. White cardstock
  3. A black marker or pen
  4. Glue
  5. A large loose-leaf ring binder (I used the larger ring.)
  6. Ribbon

The best part about a homemade gift is you can get as creative and fancy as you want.

Deck of Cards Gift DIY



First I made a list of 52 things I love about my husband. The first 30 rolled out of me like the donuts on a crispy creme conveyor belt. To be honest, it was a little challenging to come up with 52. However, rest assured there are plenty of lists on Pinterest to get you through.

Many are unique to my hubby:

  • You call me on your way home.
  • You let me store the church Quilters fabric at our home.
  • I love the pictures you share when you travel.
  • You make sure I take time for myself.
  • I love that you bring me coffee in the morning.


Deck of Cards DIY Birthday Present



Some were about his character:

  • You don’t hold a grudge.
  • When you’re wrong, you admit it.
  • You are a faithful husband.
  • You are slow to anger.
  • I’m a better person because of you.


Deck of Cards DIY Gift


Others were about what he does:


Chicken Stirfry
See what I mean! Thank God for a hubby who loves to cook!

The rest were about him personally:

  • I love your beautiful blue eyes.
  • You have great dance moves.
  • You are brilliant.

More importantly, you get the idea.




Once I had my list I cut white cardstock 1.5 x 2.5 for all 52 cards. Then I hand wrote each one. I have pretty neat printing and it went quick. You can certainly print them on your computer. As a result, use different fonts to spice it up.

After I glued all those to the back of the card, I used a hole punch in the top left corner. Since the cards are thick the tedious part was having to line up a card or two at a time to punch the hole. The cards fit nicely on the large loose-leaf ring binder or you can use some ribbon if you prefer. I decided to use both. The loose-leaf ring binder provides more structure and in addition, I added ribbon and rick rack for effect.

My husband absolutely loved this homemade gift. If he ever doubts my love for him he has a tangible reminder to look over. Not only was it inexpensive, most importantly it meant so much more than a store bought gift because of the thought that went into it.


Who on your list would love a homemade gift like this?
What would you write?

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