large white desk with a striped wall background

Intentional Pieces Craft Room Redesign: the Bad, the Ugly and the Good.

Where do you craft? Do you have a designated space in your home to craft? Is the dining room table your go-to spot or do you take over a corner in the garage? Do you have a craft room? I have a room in the house dedicated to housing my crafts however many times I take over the whole downstairs because one room doesn’t seem to be enough. You know how us crafters are, there’s never enough space and we are always trying to clean up and organize our craft room. Well, Intentional Pieces got a makeover with new branding and to celebrate I’m doing a craft room redesign. As you can guess with a craft room redesign comes the bad, the ugly and the good in that order. 



We moved here 15 years ago. At that time I was really into scrapbooking and card making. My craft room color scheme was actually designed after a scrapbook paper company I loved call SEI (Scrapbook Everything In sight) It was their softy collection of paper that I copied and I loved everything about it. Here’s how my room looks now.


large white desk with striped wall
A great shot of my desk and the striped wall behind it.


Large white desk and small desk with sewing machine
Here’s the other side with the purple wall and color blocking.


white desk white cabinet in room

I painted each wall a different color and did stripes on one wall and a color box section on the other wall. It’s my favorite room in the house. I even thought if we have kids this will be the babies room because I’m not painting like this ever again. I love the results however it was extremely time-consuming. So it turns out we didn’t have children which is a topic for another blog post but all that to say I think I’m ready for a change.

The KonMari method has me rethinking my craft room and my craft supplies.  I have so many supplies that I don’t know what I have anymore because many of the items are spread in different closets and corners.



All of this started with my new branding which I revealed on March 16th. I commissioned my dear friend Becca who does most of our church graphics and communication. She is a wonderfully talented gal who made the whole process really easy. She designed my logo, my business cards, created a file of patterns to use on any design I come up with and I believe it represents “Intentional Pieces” perfectly. So whenever you see this logo, these patterns or colors on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest be sure and like, follow, share and tweet. What do you think about my new look?

Intentional Pieces Brand Guide - logo, colors and patterns


Therefore with my new branding making its debut I’m repainting and redesigning my craft room. I know this may be a long process but the payoff will be worth it. I’ll be using my new colors and some hexagons! And guess what? My friend Becca loves to paint and she suggested I have a painting party. Yay, I don’t have to paint by myself. Also if you are local and love to paint, say so in the comments below and you can help.



Remember the corners and closets I talked about above, here are those pictures. Oh boy, my main craft closet needs a little TLC. It’s the one I listed on my 19 Before 2019 list of goals to complete. This is the closet underneath the stairwell. I’m not sure whats even under the stairs. We’ll be finding out together.

Messy Craft Closet with various storage containers


Craft Closet storage Under Stairwell



First I’ll be clearing out my craft room and organize by subcategories like – rubber stamps, stickers, ribbon, die cuts, paint, fabric, notions, scissors etc. Yes, everything will be coming out of the room. I’ll be taking pictures of the whole process so you won’t be left out. Just like clothing is trendy so are craft supplies. I know there are items I believe are out of style, or let me rephrase, no longer spark joy and need to go.  I’m afraid to see those big piles.


Second, I will painstakingly touch each item and see if it sparks joy or needs to find a new home at my church thrift store. It’s going to be hard. Remember that scrapbook you were going to make of your HS graduation trip to Walt Disney World? Or the perpetual calendar that everyone was going to get for Christmas 5 years ago? Oh gosh and remember all those hunting themed stickers, paper and brads you bought to make your husband and his brother matching scrapbooks for the annual hunting camp? Those someday crafts you planned a long time ago. Consequently, those are the supplies that are taking up space in my craft room still waiting to be used.


Third, I will be left with a pile of supplies I want to keep. The next challenge will be how to organize everything and put it back. The KonMari method says you need to be able to see everything, so I’m not exactly sure how to do that with craft supplies. I do know that labeling will be my friend. Speaking of friends I may have to enlist the help of my friend Wendi @ Breathingrooms who helps people declutter and organize. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook. She has amazing tips and tricks that I’m sure will help me.


Finally, before I put everything back in my craft room I’ll have my painting party. When my craft room redesign is done it’s going to look incredible. I can’t wait to show you. Be sure and come back to my blog for the big reveal. Who knows maybe I’ll try my hand at a Youtube video and show you around the room when I’m done. What do you think?

Would you watch a youtube video showing the before and after of my craft room? Let me know in the comments.



  • Beth Shoaf

    I remember that paper company, SEI! I loved their stuff too…in fact, still have a whole bunch of it plus ALL of my scrapbook supplies in my mom’s basement! There is just no room in our house in Texas, no basements here! I need to do a big purge! I do have a tiny craft room for my jewelry making here but I haven’t decorated it yet. I can’t wait to get started but probably not until after Hilary’s wedding in September! My room will be a Kate Spade theme, in black, white and bright green, I think! I would love to see a video when you get yours all done!!

    • LorieWeiss

      Oh! A Kate Spade theme sounds great. I love the idea of a pop of bright green. I just came across all the scrapbook pages we made to trade with one another. Too fun!

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