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2019 is here! It’s a new year and I have big plans. There is something about a new year that gets me crazy excited. I’m not sure if it’s the option to begin fresh, reflecting on the past year or filling in birthdays on my calendar. Now that I use the Bullet Journal Method for planning, life is so much easier. I can’t wait to show you my January Bullet Journal Set Up.


Welcome January Bullet Journal Page
I used archvial ink to stamp the winter schene and used my ink pads and my water brush to give a soft watercolor look.


When I think of January I think of words like peace, calm, snow and a fresh start. This is the first year in a while we didn’t have a white Christmas so maybe I’m wishful thinking. After perusing my stash of rubber stamps and ink pads I decided this was the theme. Oh and it was so simple to do! It reminds me of the Dicken’s Village by Dept 56.

For the color scheme, I wanted fun, fresh and not your typical wintry blue. I think these will be perfect.

spring color ink pads and coordinated paper
If you are familiar with CTMH these are vintage ink pads.


Snowflake Macro Frost
Look at the detail!

When you Google “something about snowflakes” here’s some information you find.

Is it true that no two snowflakes are alike? Yup it’s true. It’s extremely unlikely that two intricate snowflakes will look exactly alike. In fact, if you looked at every snowflake ever made you won’t find an exact duplicate.

Did you know that all snowflakes have six sides? The molecules in ice crystals join to one another in a hexagonal structure. It’s all because of the arrangement which allows water molecules – each with one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms – to form together in the most efficient way.

What size was the biggest snowflake ever recorded? The Guinness World Records lists the largest snowflakes as having fallen during a storm in January 1887 at Fort Keogh, in Montana. The book says A rancher nearby called them “larger than milk pans” and measured one at 15 inches wide. It’s seems there is noone else who can collaborate the story.

Finally if your not up on modern day slang Wikipedia states: Snowflake as a slang term involves the derogatory usage of the word snowflake to refer to a person. Its meaning may include a person perceived by others to have an inflated sense of uniqueness or an unwarranted sense of entitlement, or to be over-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions.


As I reflected over the last quarter in my bullet journal, I discovered a few things.

What worked stays and what didn’t goes!


First, I listed what worked which was my gratitude page, my monthly welcome page and having Saturday and Sunday in the same column.  I don’t write as much on the weekend as I do the rest of the week so keeping them together makes sense.


Next, I wrote the new things I wanted to include and add back in again. I’m breaking down each day into ½ hour increments so I can see where I spend my time. I’m beginning at 9 am and ending at 7 pm. The reason I am using those times is that I’m adding a morning and evening routine page which will include times before and after. I also wanted a Top 3 – three things that absolutely have to get done that day. I forgot to list it at the top of my weekly spread so I added it to the bottom. Lucky for me the bullet journal gives me the ability to be flexible. Have I told you there are no mistakes in bullet journaling? In the past, I had a list of books I read and I’d like to include that list again.


Finally, I listed what I found not necessary. I use to write down the weather including temperatures and an icon. What I found was if I wrote in the weather at the beginning of the week it would change before the week’s end. However, if I waited to write it each day I’d forget. Since I don’t refer to the weather in my bullet journal as much as I do on my phone, it’s history. I also decided I don’t need a mood tracker. For the most part my mood is pretty stable thank goodness so it’s gone.


Winter rubber stamps, ink pads and coordinating paper

I love using rubber stamps to decorate. You can use them to create your own wrapping paper, a special bookmark,  make “thinking of you” cards, and yes add artwork to your bullet journal. As a crafter, I collect more supplies that I actually use. This month for my 2019 January Bullet Journal Set Up I’m proud to say I’m putting some of those supplies to work.


Bullet Journal Weekly Spread
Getting back to tracking good habits in 2019!


Bullet Journal Weekly Spread


Bullet Journal Weekly Spread


Bullet Journal Weekly Spread


Bullet Journal Weekly Spread
I love my new Micro-Line pens. It writes a perfect thin line.

What supplies do you have on hand to spruce up your bullet journal pages? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  • Sarah

    This is my favorite of your bullet journal setups so far! I don’t create a bullet journal but each time I see yours I think I might want to! In my regular planner, though, I love to use highlighters and was just gifted a beautiful set of colorful pens that I intend to use as well!

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