July Bullet Journal Set Up
Bullet Journal

July Bullet Journal Set Up

My trusty Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal!

July Bullet Journal Set Up

Are you ready for Intentional Pieces July bullet journal set up post? I sure am. I’ve been looking ahead to July for months and now that it’s here I’m a little behind. What?!? July? Just when did that happen? Are you wondering how we are already in the month of July too? 

I wanted to share some ideas of how I’m organizing the month of July with my bullet journal. Never heard of bullet journaling? It’s all the rage. Don’t worry I’ll be talking about it a lot here because it has totally changed my life from chaos to organized.

A New Month

First when I begin a new month in my bullet journal I like to be creative and pick a theme. This process helps to fill my creative tank and is super fun.  I go to Google or Pinterest to look for ideas. For example in July we love to tent camp so I figured that camping was the perfect theme.

Where I live in the PNW (Pacific North West) I have noticed that on July 4th a switch is flipped and we have beautiful, hot sunshiny days every day. On Labor day sadly the switch goes off.  So we have learned to make the most of every day during that time frame. 

Then I select a color scheme. For my color scheme I used the typical red and blue but added some browns and greens as well.

Next, I use google to search for “ black and white outline camping images”. Please don’t get overwhelmed by the 32,500,000 results. I scroll through the list and pick out the images I’d like to use. Now I’m not proud of it but I have been known to lay a piece of paper over the image on my ipad or laptop screen and very gently trace it with a pencil. You have to be gentle as not to ruin your screen. Hey if you’re not the best artist here’s one way you can be. Usually I try my hand at copying the image on my own. It can be as detailed or as simple as you like. Simple appeals to me because I can still be creative but not take all day to plan.


Searching for camping images for my July Bullet Journal Set Up

Welcome Page

Then I plan out the actual pages. I start with a page dedicated to welcoming the month that will showcase the theme. I begin on a two page spread which helps the entire month to flow.

Beside the welcome page I always have a list of what I’m grateful for. Because when you create a list of what you’re grateful for you are actually starting to renew your mind .  I write one thing every day. Not only that it gives me a great review of what happened during the month so I don’t forget.


July Bullet Journal Welcome and What I’m Grateful for… pages

Weekly Pages

Drawing out each week of the month helps me stay focused and on track. If I only draw out one week at a time I get lazy and don’t plan. Then everything is off kilter and goes downhill from there.

As you can see I add the date at the top for the current week. First I draw the boxes for each day of the week and do my best to count the dots in between so they are even. Next I add a weather icon and the temperatures for each day. Finally I list my daily to do’s and appointments, meetings, events etc. I include a quote that inspires me and works well with the monthly theme. Plus a habit tracker for the important things I want to do for myself each day.

The lake is calling; I must go.


I actually watched a YouTube video on how to draw a picnic table step by step. Who know those existed?
You can’t have a camping July Bullet Journal layout without S’mores!
Love these hiking boots!
This is one of my favorite quotes. “Not all who wander are lost”.

Using the bullet journal gets me excited to plan out my week and be more intentional. This layout is simple, creative and fits my needs. No store bought planner has ever fit that bill.

Monthly Page

In the back of my notebook I use a “month at a glance” calendar template I print from publisher. I cut them down to size and use my tape runner to paste them down. More importantly seeing the entire month allows me to look ahead at what’s coming and then I can plan accordingly. 


My calendar template from publisher.
Ready to adhere my calendar page with my tape runner.

That’s it for the July Bullet Journal set up post. I hope you enjoyed it and got inspired to add an intentional piece to your life.


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