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July Bullet Journal Theme

I’m feeling nostalgic. Summer is officially here. The days are filled with kids at the park, boats on the lake, people hiking the trails that surround us and the melody of the ice cream truck. You can hear it in the distance and there is a certain feeling you get in the pit of your stomach even as an adult to run out and flag down the ice cream man. My favorite was the chocolate eclair but do you remember the Rocket Pop that was red, white and blue? With that in mind, I choose popsicles and ice cream for my July Bullet Journal Theme.

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Bullet Journal Theme Planning

Lately, I’ve been using rubber stamps in my bullet journal. However, for my July bullet journal theme, I decided to go back to the drawing board or should say tracing images. I searched google for inspiration.

I didn’t want to do the typical fireworks display, which I used two years ago. Last years theme was camping which I loved and had so much fun drawing and coloring.

July Bullet Journal Theme Options
Am I getting better as time goes on?

I perused my stamps sets and one particular stamp in the set jumped out at me.

CTMH At the Beach Stamp Set
Can you tell which stamp jumped out at me?

Next, I printed off some images and went to work. I love the font in the word of July. With popsicles for my theme, it had to have a whimsical feel and I believe this one fits the bill perfectly. For my color scheme, I narrowed it down to three of the Crayola Super Tip Markers. With a set of 50, there are so many vibrant colors to choose as you can see my scribbles below.

Printed paper with red white and blue popsicles

What did you choose for your July Bullet Journal Theme?

Welcome Page

First comes the welcome page and what I’m grateful for. Those are my favorite pages to create.

July Bullet Journal Cover Page

Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

Second, comes the weekly layout. Throughout the month I intersperse some blank spreads just in case I need to take notes in a meeting. The index helps tremendously to find what you need if you have to refer back to those pages.

Bullet journal index example

I changed my weekly layout again. For this reason alone I want to keep bullet journaling. If I want or need to update a page to fit my needs I can.

Originally, I thought about having a separate bullet journal for my blog that included ideas, planning, and to-dos. At the same time, I didn’t want to carry another journal around if I had an idea or an important task. So by updating my weekly layout, I can add a section to include tasks for my blog. We’ll see how it goes.

July bullet journal week 1

As you can see I kept the prayer, questions and habits section. I did add one more box that I labeled weekly focus which may be a project I’m working on, a fruit of the spirit I’d like to develop, a work goal or a blog goal.

July bullet journal week 2
The ice cream cup is made from washi tape!

July bullet journal week 3

July bullet journal week 4
I used washi tape again for the ice cream cup and the pop-up ice cream.

Only 25 more pages and I’m finished with this Leuchtturm 1917 journal. I might try another journal to check out the quality and share the details with you.

Which journal do you like best for bullet journaling? Share a picture in the comments below. I love new ideas.

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