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Does it Spark Joy? – The KonMari Method of Tidying Up


Have you heard of the KonMari Method? Marie Kondo is a sweet tiny Japanese lady who has written 2 best selling books, helped millions of people discover the life-changing magic of tidying up and now has a show on Netflix. Yes, I’ve watched all 8 episodes! You?

I discovered her in 2015, promptly read both books and started the journey she set forth. Although I love her ideas they don’t work for everyone. You see I’m a person who is willing to purge and donate. I had my own system of going through clothes. When I wore something I would turn the hanger around then at the end of the year, the items that weren’t worn would get donated. That seemed to work okay for my clothes but what about my shoes, scarves, purses, jewelry etc. I love shopping at my local Thrift store and at the time my shopping strategy consisted of finding items that were cheap, fit and covered up the multitude of sins if you know what I mean. After going through the KonMari Method my shopping process has changed.


Her basic concept is you only own items that bring you joy. Yup, you heard me right. JOY! You know that feeling when you put on your favorite shirt, snuggle up with your warmest blanket or put on the earrings that make you feel like a million bucks. That’s JOY! This is a feeling you need to recognize to have success.

It makes sense to me. Think about the times when you head to your closet and skip the pants that are a little too snug around the waist, or the beautiful lace shirt that makes you itch like crazy. Why are we keeping those things? Those are the ones that don’t bring joy and you know it.

Marie is strategic. You have to follow the right order. This is really important and now I understand why.


Komono Kitchen, Decor, Bathroom, Garage, General
Sentimental Items

The order is crucial and helps you to recognize exactly what brings you joy. For example, if I had started with sentimental items I would have folded like a cheap lawn chair. You get bogged down reminiscing and before you know it, you took a walk down memory lane but you didn’t get rid of anything.  You’ll notice as you walk through this order decisions will become easier. As a result when sentimental items come you will have strengthened that joy muscle to know exactly what to keep or discard.

Her books explain everything. I bought the books so I could underline, highlight and refer back to when needed. If you love YouTube you can find lots of informational videos there too.  Just like anything you read you have to keep the meat and spit out the bones. Marie makes references to items in our homes as if they had personalities and could feel the neglect when they are not being used. Please don’t let that discourage you from using this method to help you get your house in order.


In the past when I organized I’d do one room at a time. In the KonMari Method, she is adamant about organizing by category. Here are some pictures from 2015 when I tidied up my clothes.


Piles of clothing on bed
WOW! My pile of clothes.


It’s humbling and eye-opening to see all of your clothing gathered in one spot. The winter jackets from the hall closet, the summer clothes in the downstairs closet, the drawers I mean everywhere in the house. Yikes!

I’ve kept up with folding my clothes the way she recommends.


KonMari Method of folded socks
I love being able to see all my socks!


Now when I buy clothes I look for what brings me joy. Consequently, I spend money on things I love and actually spend less. As a result of using the KonMari Method, I don’t have to do a major overhaul again. I feel really good about what’s in my closet.

An item on my 19 Before 2019 was to use the KonMari Method and go through my home decor. I’ve added it to my goals for this year. You’ll be the first to know when it happens.


One final tip. Marie says don’t let your family see. It’s stressful to family members to see what you get rid of or donate. For me personally, I’m only going through MY items.


Pile of clothes to donate
Here’s the pile of clothes that no longer sparked joy.


My husband’s clothes, papers, and sentimental items are his. Can this method help him even if he’s more of a saver? You betcha. Check out next week’s post and I’ll show you how.

PS I can assure you my husband was consulted before writing this post and none of his items were mistakenly donated.😁

Do you use the KonMari Method in your home? Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know how it’s working.

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