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March Bullet Journal Set Up

Hands down I think this month’s theme for my March bullet journal set up is my absolute favorite. I chose a travel theme for March because my girlfriend and I are traveling to Europe. It was a blast to create these pages knowing they will be helpful before, during and after my trip. Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

March Bullet Journal Welcome Page

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I’m really digging using rubber stamps in my bullet journal. First of all, I have tons of rubber stamps, so it’s nice to use what I have on hand.


Rubber Stamp Collection
Can you really have too many rubber stamps?


Did I mention before that I was a Close To My Heart Consultant? Close To My Heart is a direct sales company that offers a wide array of paper crafting products, with special emphasis on scrapbooking and stamping. It was so much fun to meet wonderful ladies, host parties and show people how to create beautiful cards and scrapbook pages. I acquired most of my stamps during that time. Except for this treasure, the mini blueprint travel stamp set is by Tim Holtz. I love his style.


Tim Holtz mini blueprint travel stamp set


Anyway, I digress. I’m certainly enjoying my alphabet stamp sets. They afford me the ability to spell any word I want and change the style of the lettering. So if hand lettering is challenging for you like it is me, this may be your answer.

Second, using dye-based ink in my bullet journal doesn’t bleed through the pages of my Leuchtturm1917. There is a little bit of ghosting but I’m okay with it. Not only is there no bleed through on the pages there’s no bulk in your journal. When I use stickers or washi and I write on the opposite page my pen may skip or get stuck because it’s not a flat surface. Anyway, I could sell you on using rubber stamps all day long.



It wouldn’t be the beginning of a new month if I didn’t start with my March bullet journal cover page and then my “I’m grateful for …” page. Gratitude is a practice I do every month. When I am grateful, I have deeper happiness, less anxiety, more energy and I’m a more generous person. You can train your mind to see the good in situations by being grateful.


March cover & gratitude bullet journal page


For the last two months, I’ve been using a weekly spread that includes a daily TOP 3 and time blocking. Believe it or not, it’s hard for me to narrow down a TOP 3. When I finally put three things on my list I do everything but those three. Am I the only one? So I left the TOP 3 on my daily list so I can continue to practice.


Weekly Bullet Journal Spread


Time blocking is another practice I’d like to put firmly in place so again this month I have listed every hour of the day from 9 am to 7 pm.  I’ve listened to a few podcasts on the topic and it’s fascinating. They suggest scheduling everything, even time for pleasure like reading a book or bible journaling because then it will actually happen. I’m not sure how I feel about scheduling everything but I’ll give it a try. Again it’s putting these habits into practice.



My bullet journal has been a valuable tool in helping me plan this European trip. For example, I dedicated two pages for my packing list. I’ll be traveling for 10 days and I’m determined to pack with intentionality, having no more or less than I need. I thought about leaving room for souvenirs however I’d rather spend money on experiences that will last a lifetime instead of bringing home stuff. Although I will bring a duffle bag that packs up small just in case I find a treasure.


Packing List of Europe trip in bullet journal
I’m searching for ideas to pack for 10 days in a carryon!



My partner in crime lives in another state and we are using a shared Google document to plan our itinerary, share ideas, discuss hotels and tours. I should say she has done most of the planning and did a fabulous job. Did you know your brain gets as much pleasure out of anticipating the event as actually participating? Neuroscientists have found that anticipation can be just as powerful in releasing hormones such as dopamine which makes you happy, as the actual positive event. This statement is from Brendon Burchard’s book High Performance Habits. I have to say with as much fun as my friend and I are having planning this trip, I believe it’s true.


Next, I rubber stamped each of the cities we will be visiting leaving room to write. I’m searching for places to visit and unique things to do. Do you have ideas for me? List them in the comments below. Likewise, I can add to these pages while in Europe if we receive a good recommendation.


Three European Cities to visit in my bullet journal


Finally, I created a page of memories for each city we will be visiting. I’ll use this as a journal to recap our days, and our experiences. I plan on being a sponge and soaking up every moment. I can’t wait.


Memories of Venice bullet journal spread

Remember if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below.

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