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November Bullet Journal Set Up | Gather Together |
November bullet journal cover page
Bullet Journal

November Bullet Journal Set Up

I won! I won! On Instagram, I entered a contest hosted by Maker_Mom (just love her work!) and I won this adorable kit she was giving away by Creative Retreat. I wasn’t sure what to use for my November Bullet Journal Set up and hands down this is it. As soon as I saw the word Gather I was hooked. It turns out Creative Retreat has a Faith Art Box for each month. This kit is jam-packed with supplies that I can use it for my November Bullet Journal Set Up, to create a Bible Journaling page, a scrapbook page, and Thanksgiving cards too. I feel so blessed and it’s not even November yet.

November Bullet Journal Set Up using Creative Retreat October 2018 Faith Art Box of the Month
A complete Creative Retreat Kit with stamps, stickers, and devotion.



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Normally I freehand or trace an idea I’ve searched on Google for a theme (you can check out other pages HERE and HERE) but this month I did something a little different. I used a rubber stamp set. A stamp set is a perfect way to decorate your bullet journal without being an artist. Plus, if you can think of multiple ways to use the set it’s value will far outway the cost.



November Bullet Journal Set Up using Creative Retreat October 2018 Faith Art Box of the Month
I love everything about this stamp set, the variety of fonts, words, and vines. Plus it’s made in the U.S.A.


During November we love to visit family for Thanksgiving. Since we have so many people to visit I call it the World Wind Tour. Our desire is to gather with people who mean so much to us and have time with everyone. It’s hard to accomplish but worth the effort.




I LOVE IT! This entire page has been stamped and there is minimal ghosting on the back side. Doesn’t it look great? Thanksgiving is when most people think of what they are grateful for however, I want to have an attitude of gratefulness every day. Once you get in the habit of being grateful daily it will be hard to write just one. Try it.

November Bullet Journal Welcome Page



On some pages, I used the number stickers instead of writing out the dates. I was lucky enough to find colors that match the stickers in my Crayola Super Tips set of 50 markers. The variety in this set accommodates whatever I want to match.

As always I like to add a quote to the weekly pages. This serves as a reminder of what’s important or encouragement to keep going.


Novemeber Bullet Journal Weekly Layout
Colossians 3:14 was perfect to use the “together” stamp in the kit.



Novemeber Bullet Journal Weekly Layout
“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” is the actual verse from Matthew 18:20 in the NIV.



Novemeber Bullet Journal Weekly Layout
Anyone else looking forward to feasting around the table together?



Novemeber Bullet Journal Weekly Layout



Who do you like to gather with? Do you have a Whirl Wind Tour of your own? Share with me in the comments below.


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