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October Bullet Journal Set Up

Oh, friends, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for my October Bullet Journal Set Up. One reason I’m super excited is that I get to start with a brand new journal. I chose the A5 Hardcover Dotted pages Leuchtturm 1917 notebook in Nordic Blue which is dreamy. For October, I wanted something vibrant and fun not the typical fall scene and decor if you will. So I went with LLamas.  Let me tell you they are everywhere. On shirts, on pillows, rubber stamps sets, cards and even fabric. What is the obsession will LLamas?  You got me.  Although they are kinda cute.

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I love learning.  So I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share what I learned about Llamas. Llamas are members of the camel family, found mostly in South America and have been used as pack animals. Some can be as much as 6 feet tall and weigh 300 + pounds.  They can carry about 1/4 of their body weight. Did you know if you try to overload a Llama with too much weight it will lie down or refuse to move? Hmm…sounds like a good boundary to me. I should put that into practice. I searched Google for llama black and white outline and found lots of options to choose from. Look below for my favorites.



The bright palette of the Tombow Dual Brush pens was exactly what I had in mind. When I picture the Andes mountains of Peru and the people who call it home I think of vibrant colors. I wanted my colors to pop off the page.  Do you think I was successful? The stickers I found on clearance a long time ago and they were the perfect size for the banner.  Using something from my stash is always a bonus.




Another fun fact about llamas is they are gentle, social animals and their poop don’t stink. Back in the day, the Incas in Peru burned dried llama poop for fuel.  “Llama beans” is what the llama farmers refer to as llama manure. Sounds like an eco-friendly option.  Today many people have them as pets. Although they do spit when they are aggravated it’s mostly directed at other llamas, not people.


Week 1: Expect Nothing. Appreciate Everything.


This llama is my favorite! The expression on his face makes me happy.



When it comes to October I intentionally reevaluate the rest of the year. I couldn’t resist this quote “I’m learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me, ” to remind me there are things that can be removed altogether. Do you have a hard time saying “no”? Is there something you need to push into next year for a start fresh? Certainly, there are things I still want to accomplish. I’ll share my list in the next post. What’s on your list?



Furthermore, we can’t have the October bullet journal set up without a quote from Anne of Green Gables, “I’m so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers.” In the winter months, I will binge watch her movies and play in my craft room.




You can thank me later when you are able to have an educated conversation about llamas when you’re at lunch with friends or when you’re kids come home with that school project.


Do you like a traditional fall layout for the October bullet journal theme or are you more non-traditional? Tell me in the comments below.


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  • Sarah

    What a fun looking October spread! I love that you went a different path from the usual fall leaves themes that happen this time of year. Really enjoyed those llama facts as well.

  • Linda

    I’m more apt to choose the traditional theme of pumpkins, scarecrows, etc.. They were always a part of my fall projects with my students. However, I love the llama theme…definitely different! In fact I have been researching patterns of llamas to sew. Our club is giving some Llama, Llama books to preschoolers and I am sewing small llamas to give with the books. Coincidence?! Great minds?! ☺️

  • Sarah

    I love this layout and all of the knowledge about llamas! Can’t wait to tell my kids! Anne of Green Gables was one of my favorites growing up – I’ll have to revisit that one this winter as well!

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